Why Perform 3DS Authentication?

If you are asking yourself why you should use 3D Secure (two factor authentication), we recommend you read an article on our site regarding The Importance of 3DS Verification .

You can use the Orchestra API to perform 3DS authentication on the cards that you collect from the customer. You can utilize this process either in your own capture forms or your custom forms hosted in Orchestra.

The following set of methods will allow you to perform all necessary actions related to 3DS and the interaction with the issuers.


Mixed Authentication Mechanisms

The methods in the ThreeDsSessions utilize two forms of authentication - your Orchestra API key and a bearer token.

  • The [POST] /ThreeDsSessions method, to start a ThreeDs session, uses your API key as authentication. The result of which is an authentication code.
  • The other methods under ThreeDsSessions all use bearer token authentication (the bearer token is the authentication code returned in the response to the initial [POST] /ThreeDsSessions method.