Get a token to start a card operations session

This method is used to define the set of operations permissible within the CardOperations flow and to provide the supplemental data necessary to perform these operations.


Advance set up

If you plan to use the CardOperations to perform either a charge or 3D Secure authentication, there are some initial steps that you will need to take ahead of time. You will need to enroll with a payment processor and set up a merchant account with an acquirer through that processor.

  • In order to perform 3D Secure authentication, you will need to use the ThreeDsMerchants section of the API to manage these merchant details.
  • In order to perform a charge, you will need to use the PaymentGatewayAccounts section of the API to manage these merchant details.

In both cases, if you are performing authentication on behalf of someone else, you can store multiple merchant records in our system.

It is recommended to use the same merchant account details for both 3D Secure authentication and subsequent charge. Some banks may reject charge transactions if the merchant information does not match.

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