Our String Tokens service allows you to tokenize and store any type of string that you need - whether it is the credit card's number, a JSON of the full card details, billing / mailing address of your customers or grandma's secret recipes - you can store it all securely in our vault.

With the StringTokens system, you can create as many tokens as you need and store them for as long as you need to. Within this system you have the ability to create a new token, retrieve the contents of a token, retrieve the meta data of a token and delete the token.

You can use the StringToken - when storing the credit card number as the string, with our Universal Payment Gateway system and send charge requests to your preferred payment gateway without viewing or accessing the card number.


In scope of compliance

If you choose to use the StringToken to store card details - whether the card number or the full card details, when retrieving the data stored behind a token, your system is then exposed to the raw card details and as such is in scope of PCI compliance.
The same applies to any other type of sensitive data - by retrieving the data, your system is then in scope of the relevant compliance.


Deleting a token cannot be undone

With our APIs, you can delete a string token at any time - however, this operation cannot be undone and once a stringToken has been deleted, it cannot be retrieved or returned.