To be worthy of the name "Orchestra", we have created our Universal Payment Gateway (UPG) system which offers developers the ability to submit all their card processing requests to a single API endpoint and have those requests then sent to their chosen payment gateway / processor to be completed.
No more integrating with multiple payment processors again and again within your system; No more endless compliance and verification checks on your integrations; No more debating whether it is worthwhile or cost-effective to add an integration with a new payment processor. Orchestra does it all for you.

When onboarding a new customer, if they want to use a payment gateway that we have already integrated with, then you are all set to go. On the other hand, if they want to use a payment gateway not yet integrated, simply contact us and provide us the details of the new payment processor and we will add it for you.

With our UPG solution, not only can you connect to any payment processor you need with a single integration, but you can also build the entire payment orchestration workflow surrounding it - complete with least cost routing, retries, backup and alternative and any other workflow requirement that you might have.

Additionally, you can use our Payment Gateway Accounts to manage and store the merchant account details of your customers to their payment processors. This then allows you to send charge requests through PCI Booking to their preferred payment processor on their behalf.

Our UPG service supports sending either the full card details inline in the request or provide the StringToken of the card number previously stored in our vault.

To get started, you can view a graphical representation of all integrated payment processors on our website - or you can retrieve the list of payment processors via our API into your application.

After that, simply pick the action you would like to perform on the card and start charging!