Perform a payment gateway charge operation

This method allows you to perform a "charge" operation through your payment gateway. A "charge" operation will request immediate payment from the card and the card owner will see this listed as a transaction in their card statement.
If needed, you can void this "charge" operation by using the [DELETE] /PaymentGateway/void method.


Additional parameters may be required

Please note that some payment processors require custom parameters and properties to be added to the request sent to them. We have outlined all of the payment processors that require additional information here.


Payment gateway merchant account credentials

Orchestra offers you two options of providing us with the merchant account credentials needed to send a charge request to the payment gateway:

  1. Provide the merchant account credentials inline in the request by supplying the paymentGatewayAccount object.
  2. Use our Payment Gateway Account system to pre-upload and store the credentials in our system and then providing the reference name in the paymentGatewayAccountName parameter.
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